Measuring in cm and m outside

This week we have been learning how to measure using a ruler correctly. By putting the object at zero and counting in centimetres for small objects and meters for big objects.


Inspiration for writing

This week was very exciting. On returning to school after the Easter holidays, the children were confronted by an unusual sight. Over the holidays a giant egg had appeared. Not only this, but we also found evidence of an unusual visitor within our classrooms.

This week we have been using Talk for Writing to create actions to a character description of the dragon, and changing the adjectives, verbs and adverbs to make the writing our own.

Look out for our amazing dragon descriptions next week!

Earth Day and Outside Science lesson

Today we made most of this beautiful spring sunshine by taking our Science lesson outside. This term we are learning about what seeds and bulbs need to germinate and grow. Today we sowed the seeds and planted the bulbs. Over this term, we will be making sure they have lots of sunshine, oxygen, water and nutrients to flourish. We will also be looking at what happens if we deny the seeds one of these elements. Keeping watching for weekly updates about how we get on.


Practical maths

We started this term off recapping some of the work we did in the last two weeks of last term. The children had to use cubes to find a fraction of an amount. We focused on 1/2 1/3 and 1/4. They also had to understand what both the numerator and denominator stood for so later this week we will be able to build on this knowledge to find 2/3 and 3/4 of an amount.


Welcome back Year 2…what a busy week!

It’s been amazing to have all of the children back. They have loved seeing their friends again and we’ve been doing as much of our learning outside. We started off the week continuing our Geography learning on directions and compass work.

Mid week we took part in Science week where we learnt all about the invention of vaccines and how pathogens work. They loved this lesson…it got quite messy!

In Maths we have been learning all about the properties of 3D shapes and how to use these to create repeating patterns using color, their shape and direction.

In our writing lessons we are working towards writing our own narrative based on Paddington at the Zoo. The children have been using Talk for Writing to practise the story and change some of the main ideas. Can’t wait to see what they write next week.


Home learning Week W/C 25th January 2021

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